Renovation of the shark basin is complete

The shark basin in Aquarium Berlin has been a bit leaky of late. Not too leaky though that the sharks could break out. Enough though that the water level was reducing. The shark basin has been extensively renovated in recent months, conforming to the highest standards.

Guests to the Aquarium weren't able to see the predator fish while this was taking place as they lived in a huge pool behind the scenes.

Our very own seawater
The basin has been full of water again now for several weeks – but why no sharks? Rainer Kaiser, curator of the Aquariums explains that the water first has to "engage". The sea water is in fact produced artificially and needs a little while to build up biologically. Only the best for our animals!

The sharks are back!
As of today the lively sharks are back again in their familiar display basins. Two nurse sharks, a blacktip reef shark and a carpet shark have all been brought in. And because the new lodgings have become that much more beautiful, humphead wrasses and giant groupers have also been brought in. The two aesthetes previously lived in circular tanks opposite.

Hunters of the night
Nurse sharks
are active at night. During day they doze away in caves or take a nap right in front of the eyes of the visitors. The blacktip reef sharks in contrast must always be on the move, otherwise they would suffocate.

Our tip
Do not miss the popular feeding shows.


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