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The New Gerenuk Compound for Jess and Joe

Gerenuks Jess and Joe recently slipped into their own compound almost unnoticed. Rumours were already spreading about the new residents in July in the Antelope House: Since it was there that a stable was cleaned up, fresh hay heaped and a narrow, tall box unloaded.

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World Tiger Day

The international tiger day (World Tiger Day) reminds us that the global wild tiger population is on the decline. For example, only around 400 Sumatran tigers currently live in the wild. The situation is similar for the Amur tiger with only an estimated 450 animals. Zoo Berlin is home to the Indochinese tiger. This is one of the six species of tigers still in existence and is endemic to the jungles of Thailand. Tigers are skilled hunters who can silently sneak up on their prey in the woods and suddenly pounce on them.

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