June 2015

Lion Aru is Off to Augsburg

King Aru colonizes a new kingdom in Swabia. Male lion Aru moved to Zoo Augsburg yesterday. Female lion Tanya was already expecting him there. The two are still separated but can still see and sniff each other. Aru should acclimatise in peace first of all. He's getting on alright, he's eating and sleeping and now and then he gazes over dotingly to Tanya - but very secretly! There's hope for lion babies yet!

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Welcome, You Little Whippersnappers!

Off to Australia! Visitors to Zoo Berlin will feel like they've just entered the Australian outback. The wooden bridge will lead you conveniently onto the red continent. And to South America. But we certainly do not want to go there - not today at least. Today we're traveling to Australia, on a kangaroo expedition. Since we have some vibrant youth activity there!

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