April 2015

Striped Bambi at the Zoo

The sun is shining, the birds chirping and the hippos laze in the sun and every so often, little ears twitch or mouths rupture into an enjoyable yawn. Nothing can disrupt the lazy siesta mood. Yet all of a sudden, something stripy with floppy ears scurries through the picture-perfect idyll. The hippos don't let themselves be disturbed - we, however, are irritated. What is that? We then take another glance: A young nyala. With floppy ears. Love at second sight! "This can happen with antelopes", explains one animal keeper. The antelope calf is a girl and was born on 6 April 2015. It's still a baby. The floppy-eared animals should calm down with time. What a pity. We think it's pretty cute.

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