Sprightly floppy-eared animals cavort around the hippo lawn

The sun is shining, the birds chirping and the hippos laze in the sun and every so often, little ears twitch or mouths rupture into an enjoyable yawn. Nothing can disrupt the lazy siesta mood. Yet all of a sudden, something stripy with floppy ears scurries through the picture-perfect idyll. The hippos don't let themselves be disturbed - we, however, are irritated. What is that? We then take another glance: A young nyala. With floppy ears. Love at second sight!
"This can happen with antelopes", explains one animal keeper. The antelope calf is a girl and was born on 6 April 2015. It's still a baby. The floppy-eared animals should calm down with time. What a pity. We think it's pretty cute.

Hip hippo community in the middle

But even without the antelope offspring and without those floppy ears, the outdoor hippo enclosure is a true highlight Those who have always wanted to visit Africa can now get a sniff of the South African air in Berlin. Nyala antelopes and hippos live in harmony in a large community that is true to their original habitat. The Hippos are usually dozing in the sun or bathing in the water hole – or the pool if they choose to. They don't tend to let the chirpy nyalas disturb them if they can help it. They graze and are mostly peaceful, not making a lot of noise.

Quiet zone for the antelopes

A tree trunk divides the enclosure into two areas. The trick: The hippos can not manage to haul their heavy body over the tree trunk, the nimble nyala on the other hand, is able to. If a hippo gets in a bad mood, they are of course among one of the most dangerous animals in the world, the antelope can quickly get back to safety with just a couple of hops.

On safari

Great for the visitors: While the antelopes are difficult to spot in Africa because they usual hide away in the high grass, visitors to Zoo Berlin can observe them in wonder.

Another highlight

Even though the hippos can be quite clumsy on land, the pachyderms transform into true ballerinas while in the water. They virtually jog light-footed under water. Visitors will have no problems at all observing them thanks to the gigantic panoramic windows in the interior of the Hippo House. Time passes so quickly here!
Our tip: Don't miss the daily feedings.

For hippo fans

Wild parties, marriage ceremonies or other celebrations can be celebrated in the Hippo House. Find out more about the possibilities here.

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