Tierpfleger backen Panda-Kekse

Was gibt es denn da Leckeres für unsere Pandas Meng Meng und Jiao Qing? Wir haben unseren Tierpflegern beim Kekse backen über die Schulter geschaut. Zubereitet werden die Leckereien nach original chinesischem Rezept. Sehen Sie selbst:

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14.06.2019Karen Kelleher

I am coming to Berlin 24th June and can't wait to see the Pandas that day, I have seen them in China and in my country Australia, Adelaide Zoo where I got to hand feed them and touch them, I am so Panda obsessed . I just love them and would love to see them in all the Zoos they are in the world, I just hope all those Zoos are giving them the best life possible in a confined area.