Project days 2015

In addition to guided sessions, Zoo Berlin also offers Berlin school classes various two-day thematic project days. Thanks to the extended period of time at our disposal, the pupils are able spend more time with the animals, further acquaint themselves with the issues surrounding them and, in doing so, build on their level of knowledge – and all this in a vibrant extracurricular classroom.

Your favourite animals in the Zoo

In this project, the pupils can be trained into young, independent specialists for selected animal species, thereby enhancing their awareness of species and environmental conservation. The pupils mainly work independently and learn how to obtain targeted information. An unquestionable highlight is the extensive opportunities for observing the behaviour patterns of your chosen animal up close. Once the findings are summarised in an animal portfolio, each of the pupils presents their animal species in front of their classmates.

two days, 9.45 2.45 p.m.(can only be booked from April to October)

Age group:
4–6 classes

€60 plus entry per pupil per day (€4.00 Berlin / €6,50 external schools)