Press releases

World Rhino Day

Conservation without borders.

Family planning for Persian leopards

The EEP has decided: Emil and Shiva are the Predator House’s new dream couple.

From the desert to the jungle

Reptile area at Aquarium Berlin fully reopened.

A retirement home for Siddy

Female brown bear moves to Wuppertal.

The Lion Gate – A monument with a future

Historic entrance reopens with a modern ServiceCentre.

App, Beacon & Co. – Berlin Zoo 2.0

Berlin Zoo presents a personal guide for mobile phones.

A fairytale day out

New petting zoo opens its doors at Berlin Zoo.

High spirits at Berlin Zoo and Tierpark

Extra funding secures plans for future projects.

This tweet is all over town

On the 30th of June, “The World of Birds” opened at Zoo Berlin.

Great sadness at the zoo

Enche the Orangutan put to sleep.