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Too busy to get bored ...

Animal activities

Djambala refuses to give up – the female gorilla adroitly manoeuvres the peanut with a thin stick until it falls through a small hole into the level below. She works persistently and patiently until she finally holds the object of her desire in her hands. A “puzzle feeder” like this takes plenty of skill and concentration – and is g...


Who’s got the coolest “mo” in the zoo?

Every year in autumn, men around the world grow their facial hair for a good cause. And when that top lip gets unusually stubbly and kisses get scratchy, the women also remember: it’s Movember.

Save the Rhino!

Conservation without borders

For decades, zoos around the world have been united across political and cultural borders in their shared goal to protect threatened species through international cooperation. In this age of international endangered species programmes and digital media communication, it seems unthinkable that such an impress...